We live in a digital world and extended screen time is becoming the norm in our everyday lives.

Prolonged usage of digital devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, increases your exposure to Harmful Blue Light, which can lead to eye strain, blurred vision, headaches, and trouble sleeping

In other to combat these effects, a Digital protection lenses, was invented which offer a shield that reduces glare and filters the blue light from digital screens and artificial light


Anti Blue Light Blocking Glasses  


Blue light blocking glasses have specially crafted lenses that block or filter out the blue light given off from digital screens. The lenses protect the eyes from glare and can help reduce potential damage to the retina from prolonged exposure to blue light. 

Health Implication of Blue Light from Our Devices  

  1. Reduced eye strain , Which can cause Eye Watering , Blurred Vision, Dry eyes, Headache, Eye redness etc 

  2. Lack of Sleep/restlessness during sleeping hour


Blue light blocking glasses are often associated with two potential benefits: 

  • Reduced eye strain

  • Better sleep




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