Enjoy Great Sight Always with Eye-Bright Tea 

If you are tired of struggling with poor eyesight, especially someone who wants to improve their vision, reverse Glaucoma, Cataract, nearsightedness and wants to stop using eyeglass, then here is good news..

I have Discovered a natural herbal remedy that has helped over 600 Nigerian Men And Women, Children restore Eyesight, Improve vision and cure severe eye problem within few weeks without using drugs, eye-drops or even surgery


The Best part is, this remedy is purely herbal, no side effects at all, and approved by international FDA bodies

Eye Bright Retoration Tea is herbal remedy formulated to treat all kinds of eye problems such as glaucoma, cataracts, myopia, hyperopia and lots more…

It helps restore your eyesight, promotes eye health and improve vision.

Eye Bright restore tea is made of finely blended plant herbal extracts such as bilberry extract, chrysanthemum, chinese wolfberry, cassia seed and green tea.

A pack of eye bright restoration tea contains 20 tea bags which you use daily, morning and evening.

The best part is that eye bright restoration tea is purely herbal, comes without any side effect and curative for the treatment of most eye problems, and within few days of taking herbal tea you can start seeing improvement in your vision and eye health.

Eye Bright restoration tea has the highest standard of approval by international FDA bodies. it’s produced in the best, biggest and professional tea manufacturing factory with certificate of GMP- good manufacturing practice, HACCP, food production license, QS etc

No side Effects.

Do you want to dump your eyeglasses, and also put an end using expensive eye drugs that takes almost forever to work?

How does the Miracle Eye Bright Tea Works?

Firstly, it detoxifies the body system of toxins from other drugs that have accumulated over time in the body system. Then, it repairs the optic nerves that been damaged by the use of eyeglasses over time. And finally, it restores your eyesight and revitalizes your eyesight never for it to be affected again.

When you order for the eye bright restoration tea, each pack contains 20 tea bags. put 1 tea bag in a cup, add boiled water, you can add lemon or honey depending on your taste. Drink in the morning when you wake up and in the night before bed 




    Its unique synergy of active and natural ingredients puts up an effective barrier between exterior stressors (UV rays, screens, pollution…) and your eyes.


    Eye Bright Tea regenerates ocular cells, resulting in a rejuvenation of your eyes and an eradication of vision troubles.

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    Eye Bright Tea fights and repairs all damages incurred by aging and disease: cataracts, macular issues, blinding migraines, glaucoma but also irritations such as dryness… in 30 days… results are spectacular.


    It helps put an end to all vision troubles and aids in the reversal of eye issues (myopia, presbyopia, hypermetropia, etc.). It brings faster visual accommodation as well as better night vision.

“This Magical Eye Sight Tea Works 10x Faster Than Drug !” I never regretted getting this eye Bright tea! I love taking tea, and eye bright tea even helped my eye sight enhanced very well! Thank you sir! –

Mr. Junwon- Asokoro, Abuja.

I Can Now See Without My Glasses “If any one told me I will be able to see clearly without my glasses I would have said it’s a lie, after 2 months of taking the eye bright tea well, my eyes are very sharp and clear” –

Femi Okoye from Ikotun, Lagos


Regular Price for ONE: #15,000

Today Promo Price for one Pack: #12,000 

Price for two Pack : #22,000

Price for three Pack: #30,000


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